Flying Lotus "Until The Quiet Comes"

"Until the Quiet Comes" is fire. Flying Lotus is best known for his groovy jazz like beat music*, his work puts you in a state of euphoria, head bumping to every beat. He was first made famous by his appearance on Adult Swims bumps. Now hes living the good life; champagne, shrimp, and even his own label, Brainfeeder Records (insane artists on this label).
*my best guess

This is Flying Lotus's 4th album and it lives up to his long standing career.  This album is comprised of almost 20 songs and is definitely meant to be listened to in full. The transitions are superb and as your going though the album it feels like your going on a journey. Definitely less hard, in your face beats compared to some of his previous work but I think the end product was worth it. 
O and his great grand father is John Coltrane.

Flying Lotus - Heave(n)


Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes


Flying Lotus - Getting There (feat. Niki Randa)