So Simple yet Elegant


This track and the next track of the video are so good.
1st is The Only Evidence by The Transit War. 2nd is Mayday by The Transit War.

Here's some more music I've found lately.

On a side note.

Stay positive and be kind.


This next song has been released recently by a group called Sosh and Mosh. I posted them last time and thought I'd do a more thorough post on them. They come from Los Angeles and grew up listening to a lot of Rap and Hip Hop. They later discovered electronic dance music. They take their broad influences in different genres and make a sound of their own. If you're on L.A. be sure to check out their monthly concert series called Groove Factory.


Can I show my love for you


Have God in your soul
and all will be better.

Calm music first

Time for some energy