You can't get more up and coming than Beatsofreen. Coming out with his first full length album "Future Memories" this year, his beats shout classic. His music reminds me of producers such as J-Dilla and Nujabes. From the depths of Bodegraven, Netherlands he shows that old school hip-hop can come out of the least likely places. Beatsofreen is giving out his album free on bandcamp. If you like his stuff be sure to get his Global Soul EP on December 12.

Some of my personal favorite tracks on the album include In Jou, Romani, and Gratitude.

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Future Memories by Beatsofreen



Little is known about TroubleGum for he is a relatively unknown artist. This isn't to say that his popularity has been going up and that his music puts it down harder than ever.

TroubleGum - Kill Me I'm Sick (Preview)

TroubleGum - Blue Steel

Pendulum - The Island (TroubleGum Remix)


Gold Panda

Photo by Josh Hawaii

A rainy day finishing up my last paper. Listening to the new Gold Panda 12" "DJ Kicks" and loving the song Through Clouds. Ready to fly home tomorrow to see the fam and friends for a nice Thanksgiving Break.



From Heidelberg, Germany Essáy fits himself into a genre known as "Emotional Electronica". What I love about Essáy is his amazingly smooth melodies that make you want to groove out. He has been gaining a lot of popularity on SoundCloud and totally deserves it. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

Essáy - Morning Mountain

Essáy - Old Times


Back on the Jam Wagon

Well I'm back and I haven't posted in this music blog for months. The blog was going well but I just got to busy. Just remembered the sensation of music hunting and now I'm writing in the blog again. I'll try to post as often as I can. Also the pic is from my friend Astra Lincoln, great stuff.

David's Lyre - Hidden Ground (DRUGS Remix)


Bamburai - Anotsu


The Knocks - Brightside (Jaybird Dubstep Remix)