Louis La Roche

Man I've been finding so many great UK artist lately and here is yet another one. It has been said that he focuses on a genre known as "French House" but not quite sure what that is. Guess his music will speak for itself.

P.S. I'll be camping for around a week so I won't be able to update the blog.

Louis La Roche - Love

Louis La Roche - On The Floor

Louis La Roche - Peach


Gold Panda

Here's an artist from the UK with some very interesting electronic music. Got both of these songs from subscribing to the artists newsletter. Check him out.

Gold Panda - Back Home

Gold Panda - Long Vacation


The Flashbulb

Found out about this artist today then right after my friend tells me about them. What luck. Anyways here it is.

The Flashbulb - Undiscovered Colors

The Flashbulb - Kirlian Shores



Well I left today's music on my desktop. Since I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with my laptop, I can't post my new artist today. But, since I was bored, I made my first mash-up. Not that great but I tried.

Malfunction m83 by infusica


Relaxin on a Sunday

Sorry been out for the last few days, getting all that last minute summer stuff out of the way. Here's some songs for your Sunday pleasure. O and heres a mix my friend made. Good stuff.

Ratatat - Lex

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Refracture remix)

Pantha Du Prince - Im Bann

Mixing at 35000ft by TR4CKBA11



I found this artist awhile back from his relationship to my favorite artist Flying Lotus. He focuses on a genre known loosely as glitch hop and I thought you all might like him. Enjoy.

Samiyam - Trick Platform

Samiyam - Moon Shoes

Samiyam - Return



Reppin the L.A. music scene, daedelus is high on my favorite artist list. While he wears clothes from the 30's and 40's don't let his clothes fool you. His music is truly from the future.

Daedelus - Fair Weather Friends

Daedelus - LA Nocturn

Daedelus - Make It So



Just recently found this artist and absolutely lovin it. Give it a listen.

Barretso - Bright City Lights

Barretso - We Won't Stop (KOLT13 Remix)

Barretso - Midnight Walk


The Bloody Beetroots

Having their album "Cornelius" take them to top, now stand at the top proudly. This group is one of the most popular electronica groups known and I believe that everyone should have at least one of their songs in their music library. Good beat, nice synth, and a set of catchy arpeggios's, this group really does have some good music.

The Bloody Beetroots- Dimmakmmunication

The Bloody Beetroots- Fucked From Above 1985

The Bloody Beetroots- Public Enemy


Boys Noize

Straight out of Germany this guy really knows how to put it down. His music is what electronica lives off and has such style and bump that its hard not to dance to.

Boys Noize - Jeffer

Boys Noize - & Down


Prefuse 73

Scott Herren also known as Prefuse 73 is known for his eclectic music. I find it very unique and bumping. See for yourself.

Prefuse 73 : The End of Biters - International (2004)

Prefuse 73 - Natures Uplifting Revenge

Prefuse 73 - Perverted Undertone


Nosaj Thing

Today I give you one my of my favorite artist who goes by the name Nosaj Thing. Nosaj Thing's music has been described as "ethereal synth-based instrumental hip-hop". He is really one of the great artists to come out of the L.A. music scene and is doing quite well for himself. See what you think.

Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms

Nosaj Thing - Aquarium

Nosaj Thing - Caves

Nosaj Thing - 1685/Bach



Here's a local artist of mine straight from San Francisco, California. Hes quite famous now and has some truly sick songs. Check him out.

O and you if ya like cod4 check this guys youtube vids XybzShaK

Bassnectar - Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado

Bassnectar - Bass Head

Bassnectar - Blow


The Glitch Mob

edIT, Ooah, and Boreta are the three artist that make up The Glitch Mob. All individually amazing artists, them put together churns out some great music.

The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It

The Glitch Mob - Beyond Monday

Matty G - West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob Remix)


Sunday Mix

Here's another sunday mix for you all. O and here's special video sent by Ben. The artist both made the song and video so its a pretty neat idea.

MANABE Takayuki

Boreta - Bubblin' in the Cut

Mike Snow - Black & Blue (Netsky Remix)

Mattix & Futile - Rising up

Katy Perry - California Gurls (Mstrkrft Remix)