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BOLD - An interview of a growing music blog

Searching through my crates (youtube videos) of music, I stumbled upon this awesome music blog. Since I really liked the way BOLD introduced music to people, I decided to contact the person running it. I asked to him if we could do an interview about what he was doing and he agreed. Big up to BOLD. Muy groovy.

So what is BOLD all about?

BOLD is a system, a network, a community with class. It started out as an idea of bringing people together and helping them associate music with colors. When you examine the colors of the rainbow, you can divide them into cold and warm sections. But that wasn't enough.

When you scroll through Youtube, you can see lots of channels which are sorting music by genre and adding a color. This is not the case. I want to people to feel the color and let my videos set their mood. I wanted the design to be simple and minimalistic. I'm not making video masterpieces, so the videos must not attract attention while you're just listening. The video consists of a single circle, which you'll get to know soon...

What kind of music do you post?

Honestly, I do not have certain music genres which I'm following. Music is magnificent, and if I think it suits the color, I attach it. I will try to describe it via the playlists. They are consisted of moods, as following:

Green > Positive
Cyan > Hype
Brown > Funk
Red > Energy
Magenta > Buzz
Purple > Bass
Blue > Calm

and one extra playlist which you'll have to check out for yourself.

The main idea is that you come to the website or the Youtube page, analyze the mood you want to be in, pick that playlist, and you know the rest. Or if you're up for adventures and like to live dangerously, tune in to the 'Rainbow' playlist which consists of all the colors (except the extra playlist).

I'll give you a little taste of what you can expect, with these examples...

Why did you start BOLD?

Well, I'm a Computer Science & Mathematics major, but have always been in love with graphic design and music. One day, I was scrolling through Soundcloud and thought came to me "Why not categorize music by something else, other than genre?". And so, you have one person utterly obsessed with colors and music, and you introduce him to the Internet. What else could have happened? And I have to tell you, I'm enjoying every bit of it. It doesn't take much time out of my daily routine because I used my Computer science knowledge to simplify everything. The community is growing and I've gained a lot of acquaintances, discovered a lot of new genres. 

Where can we find your music?

Currently there are two ways. You can browse it directly from Youtube (http://youtube.com/user/boldofficial ), but if you want a cleaner layout I highly recommend the official website ( http://boldofficial.url.ph )


Washed Out


My long last fascination with indie is reborn. Ernest Greene, better known as Washed Out, brings a new outlook to an old world1. With hand cut 80's samples, mixed in groovy bassline, and a washed out vocal dressing to top, this chef takes the crown. Washed Out is identified within the genre of "chillwave" and is currently working under the label, Sub Pop. This guy is more than a name those, he is a vibe.

1Old world to me.

Be sure to follow Washed Out on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook.


To love oneself (to love another)

We hurt people that love us, love people that hurt us
Hurt people that love us, love people
I'm inspired, so get inspired