Sunday Mix '86

If there's anyone that's going to bring disco back, it's my bud Austin. Better known as TATT, he has been DJing at my college for a few years now. Myself being a DJ also, I've had some great memories DJing with him on the same night. Awesome times. Awhile back he decided to put his mixes on soundcloud to see how people would take them online. Well people liked them...a lot. Now he's chilling on cloud 9 and continuing to raise the bar for each mix he puts out. I see a lot of potential in his work. I really he think he has a chance to bring that unique groove to a wider audience within electronica. GL.

At 14 min damn.


4 Easy Steps to...

I happened to stumble upon an Illuminating interview of Kendrick Lamar yesterday. Went through this way.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Sunday Relax


Nothing like a Sunday and some smooth tunes.



Wednesday, fuck ya. Best day of the damn week so grooves needed.


So Elaquent

Some chill Sunday music right here. Just found Elaquent today and I'm really liking the music. His music is an interesting mix between hip-hop, jazz, and electronica which are three things I've been really into lately. Unfortunately I couldn't find shit about him other than the fact that hes a Canadian producer. Hope you like it. Check out his new EP, Parallel.