Transition to Something Different

The Bad News. I've had no way to post on the blog for I've been traveling in South America.

The Good News. Right before break my good friend Ryan (fellow music junkie) decided to join as a co-author on Infusica! Here's his first post!

Hi all, first post on Infusica; thanks to Alistair!

Recently I've been looking into some of the more obscure genres of electronica. I've listened to dubstep pretty much since its conception a couple years back but now I've been listening to glitch-hop, glitch-step, psybass...really obscure and definitely not like bangers to be throwing down at parties. However, glitch and the genres under its umbrella I have found that its really good for surfing the web, gaming, and long distance car rides. Glitch operates similarly to house (maybe like liquid too) in the regard that its constantly flowing. There are several blogging and internet radio sites that are sprouting up around the United States that are just about glitch and other genres like it.
This mix by psilogod is really stimulating, never a dull moment. I love this mix.

Exquisite Landscapes (Basstream Radio 5.17.11 Set) by psilogod

Some tracks:

Ravager - Raindrops (Samples & Kat1lyst Remix) by Simplify Recordings

Dave Sweeten and Nick Bliss - Perception Bender(Nick Bliss Mix) by Nick Bliss

Really good remix of Electrocado by heavenly father,

Electrocado The Crotch Thruster (Heavenly Father remix) by HEAVENLY FATHER

Lastly, this Bird of Prey essential mix is absolutely mind blowing. This is technically psy-step...but due to some hiphop influence I would call it glitchhop rather than psystep...but who cares?

Bird of Prey-Exclusive Mix on Basstream Radio by Bird of Prey

Thats it for me,

Ryan H.


Digital Farm Animals

Dubstep to electronica to trip-hop this guy treats music for what it really is. Digital Farm Animals comes out of London, England and I have to is superb. I couldn't find to much about his background but the low synths, slow tempo and insane vibratto, were enough for me. Defintelly going to look into his many albums.

Awaken by Digital Farm Animals

Sets The Blaze (Digital Farm Animals Remix) by Hope Sandoval

Second Best by Digital Farm Animals



From Glasgow, Britain, Soosh is a spectacular ambient artist. Definitively some "chilling on a rainy day" type stuff. I found him by noticing his newly released music video on Finest Ego.

Soosh -Rainbow Hiccups

Soosh - Take My Hand

Soosh - Farewell



Classifying this music as Future Garage just doesn't cut it. Out of London, England, SBTRKT stands behind the original music he produces. In an interview he explains this by saying,

"I'd rather not talk about myself as a person, and let the music speak for itself. The name SBTRKT is me taking myself away from that whole process. I'm not a social person, so having to talk to DJs to make them play a record is not something I want to do. It's more about giving them a record as an anonymous person and seeing whether they like it or not. If they play it, they play it."

I have to say, his music truly speaks for itself.

SBTRKT - Wildfire


SBTRKT - Ready Set Loop


SBTRKT -Sanctuary



This 19 year old, Sydney native adds to my list as one of my favorite artists. The sounds he pulls out of his many sound packs, plug-ins, hardware, etc. definitely shows in his smooth and unique music. Synth's are golden, beats are bumping and I couldn't ask for more. His music reminds me of artists such as Nosaj Thing and Toro Y Moi. Be sure to grab his "Sleepless" EP if you like what you hear.

Sleepless ft. Anthony For Cleopatra by Flume

Paper Thin by Flume

Onra - The Anthem (Flume Remix) by Flume