Luke Fono, better known as "Fono", is a UK artist bringing a unique groove to the electronica scene. I recently stumbled upon this song and was immediately blown away from the bright synth's and heavy bass. The lyrical hook brings a certain "energy" that beckons dancing. Check out his new EP at

Throwback Post

Throwback to what I listened to at the beginning of my soundcloud account. Enjoy.


Love and harmony

May peace be with you.
Some great Majestic Casual songs.

Soothing 333lectro


Right on

Right on track.

On the brink

Picture by tatudonamente


We are back at it again

A few tracks I've found recently.
Been keepin' me on the grind.

DnB for the grind.
Experimental for the slow down.

O and btw, I'm selling all sorts of cool stuff I've found recently on

Tie Die's, batik shirts, pull overs.
I'll be posting all sorts of stuff on there.

Ala Fred V and Graffix Mix

and 2 more experimental tracks I've been loving.


Soz = Sorry