Lunch Time

Just took this photo from Malaysia.

Today's band is a duo that makes amazingly catchy remixes that stay in your head for weeks. From the depths of Brasil I'd like to introduce to you The Twelves.

Boyfriend(The Twelves Remix) - Black Kids

Boys(The Twelves Remix) - M.I.A.



Well one things for sure. You can never go wrong with Netsky. These two songs were played on a popular UK radio station.

Eyes Closed - Netsky

Tommorow's Another Day - Netsky


Stay Fly

Flying Lotus is by far my favorite artist. With his interesting beats and amazing cuts, each song of his is both unique and beautiful. The last 3 tracks are off his first album "Raw Cartoons" which my good friend Kevin refereed me to. Give it a Listen.

Massage Situation - Flying Lotus

Track 1 - Flying Lotus

Track 5 - Flying Lotus

Track 8 - Flying Lotus


Wet Roads

God do I love me some Danger. Some energetic electronica that is crazy catchy. Here are a couple of their tunes.
p.s. still working on music player bug

14h54 - Danger

11h30 - Danger


Relax with The Album Leaf

*Edit* I am having a ridiculous amount of issues trying to host music on my web host so I am now completely redesigning my website and switching to a different web host. Don't worry it shouldn't take to long.

Time to chill out with some Album Leaf. The Album Leaf has some great ambient like music that fits perfectly with those long car rides or homework sessions. Hope you like it.

Essex - The Album Leaf

Brennivin - The Album Leaf

We Need Help - The Album Leaf


Daft Punk

Well finally in malaysia and having fun with the family. I'll try to keep updating this blog with music. Still trying to fix website bugs especially for chrome users. Daft Punk has always been an oldy but goody. Unfortunately I feel that many of their tracks don't get the publicity they deserve. What do you think? Leave a comment on your opinion.

Face to Face - Daft Punk

Veridis Quo - Daft Punk

Digital Love - Daft Punk



Well hanging in the Tokyo airport, waiting for my flight to Singapore. Just in time to post the daily music selection. Here's an interesting band that I can't explain with words. Listen and Enjoy.

Pogo - Digitalism

The Pulse - Digitalism


The Cataracs

I was recently introduced to this duo and have been hooked ever since. From my beloved bay area, I introduce to you, The Cataracs.

Like A G6 - The Cataracs feat Dev & Far East Movement

Bass Down Low - The Cataracs feat Dev



Heard this song a while back and recently re found it. Enjoy.

D.A.N.C.E.(Extended) - Justice


Monday Starter

My first blog for Infusica. I'll try to post music daily and keep this blog updated but in a couple days am going traveling so it may be hard. I really hope you all like it. Try posting this blog wherever you can. It would be greatly appreciated. This first track is a mashup made by my good friend grant. I hope you all like it.

Of Course I Would Like a Polar Bear - Tra4ckba11