Been Awhile

I know its been awhile.
Life and what not.
Here's a gift from me to you.



Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself.

I'm Back! Mega Post!

Have kindness in your heart.

Introducing my new track. + Extras.


I made my first rap song, Bow Out. Hope you love it.

and some other content of course.

Abroad and Content

Photo of me

In London, living life. 

Cherish each and every moment your alive.

Something great could happen.

Drum and Bass tracks

Step by step

Have heart, your future is bright.

May we find peace


Groove to the music and let it flow.



Get hyped for a new day.



Hope in our souls.
Cause you never know when things could start looking,
Beyond our wildest dreams.

Good Morning


Stay in that flow state today.

Fix you, fix me

Fix each other.

To Turnt Up


Life is Good.