Toro Y Moi "Anything In Return"

Toro Y Moi is one my favorite indie/electronic artists. I remember hearing "Talamak" and "Low Shoulder" a couple year ago and was blown away. With only a keyboard, mic, and guitar, Toro Y Moi stretches the uses of such basic instruments. An interesting fact about Toro Y Moi is that he has worked with such artists such OFWGKTA, and Nosaj Thing. I have to admit, it's hard to imagine Tyler and Toro hanging out.

Toro Y Moi has just released his new album, "Anything In Return" and I would say it's his best album yet. His rolling bass tones and high pitched synths are why I say this. He has done a great job taking these sounds and using the the right headphone space to give that "surround sound feel". After listening to this album, I'm convinced Toro Y Moi needs relationship therapy. Many of the lyrics on this album talk about the different emotional struggles Toro Y Moi goes through, each one a meaning of it's own. It's works well with the music but I find it quite repetitive (even over his career) after awhile.