Positivity forever


May we find peace and love in our lives.

Memeing with the song below. Kinda Catchy actually.

Stay in the moment


Many adventures await you.

Start us off with a CS edit with an awesome song by Bon Iver

Whole song below

An old school song came to mind today. Still hits hard in the emotions.


Have heart, carry on to infinite love. 

Life, Joy, Ecstasy


Love others. God will do the rest.

Ultra Music Post


Long awaited music post. Hope this will suffice.

Stay positive my friends.

Hip Hop Section

with a touch of metal

song was from this paintball video link

Finally some house music

Time to step out on faith

Strength, strength, courage and wisdom.

Good Vibrations


Vibrate beyond belief.

When that synth hits you at 2:28. Whef.

Only in the night time


See me in the right light.
Your heart beats faster than mine.

New EP by 53Thieves

Mixed Bag


Here's a mix of memes, music and love.


Love the second track of this paintball vid.